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Tropical Fish Recipe



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Hawaiian Summer Memories.


When I was working in Hawaii and had time off  from work I and the bruddah’s went fishing in the warm pacific waters, The fish we caught were shared among-st us. The grill on the beach was ready for the catch.

The rice cookers were full, the wasabi and soy sauce on the table and the beer in the coolers.

The aromatic aroma, was enough to please the Hawaiian gods.

Let the tropical winds blow. Life does not get any better.

Try a tropical style of cooking fish.


6 to 10 lbs. of whole fish cleaned and ready to cook.

 Seasoning Ingredients

6oz olive oil

4oz pure sesame oil (not the toasted oil)

Pinch of cayenne

6 gloves of coarsely chopped garlic

1 cup of green onion chopped medium

1 cup of cilantro chopped medium

2 table spoons of finely grated ginger

6oz soy sauce

2oz of lemon juice (or ponzu)

Foil paper placed on the barbeque grate.

1 stock of celery (optional.)



Divide the seasoning ingredients into two equal portions.

Half will be used to season the fish and the other half is used for making the sauce.

Rub half the seasoning on the inside and outside of fish. Keep a bit of the seasoning back to baste the fish while it is cooking.

The barbeque should be about 325 degrees

Place the stock of celery in the fishes stomach and place on the barbecue so that the fish is


Whole fish 15 to 20 minutes depending on temperature and size of fish.

Fresh fish cooked 130 to135 degrees. It is good to use the thermometer to be sure.


Making dipping sauce

Heat the olive oil till slightly smoking add remainder of ingredients stir for 2 minutes than pour into a serving dish. If there is any liquid left on the foil paper from the fish pour it into the sauce.