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Chef Hersche, Steak & Art

  Planning to have a lovely steak tonight. How about steak Filet Mignon. I have seen this beautiful filet beef on a oversized plate with the usual company of a bake potato, and broccoli covered in hollandaise sauce, and some steak sauce...
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Crepes and Coffee

    Morning Coffee I’m one of those people who loves my first cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t speak Starbucks and honestly, I don’t want to learn. When I hear people who need a paragraph to explain how they...
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A Refreshing Mediterranean Salad

Chef Hersche, Brings You News From Your Epicurean Affair A Mediterranean Salad Is Perfect On A Hot Day. Think of the freshness of mint.   Cucumbers cooling your eyes. The flavors of cilantro and mint burst into your mouth. For many reasons this...
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Tropical Fish Recipe

    Chef Hersche, Your Personal Chef   Hawaiian Summer Memories.   When I was working in Hawaii and had time off  from work I and the bruddah’s went fishing in the warm pacific waters, The fish we caught were shared among-st...
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Naples Personal Chef

Naples Personal Chef Daryll Hersche As a Naples Personal Chef, there’s nothing quite like watching families or friends come together to enjoy a meal that creates a lasting memory, not simply because of the food, but because of the fellowship and fun...
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